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Rusty Windmill


HumeLink Alliance Inc. was created by the community in 2021 to provide a hub for awareness of the HumeLink Project.

HumeLink Alliance Inc is a not-for-profit organisation.

Our group includes communities and landholders directly or indirectly affected by the HumeLink Project.


The purpose of the Alliance is to represent all communities along the proposed corridor.


We aim to lobby for an alternative outcome, that delivers minimal impact on these communities and the environment.

The majority of people affected by this project are in favour of progress.  

Progress should be worlds best practice.

Transgrid HumeLink proposal is old fashioned and does not reflect modern standards for power grids.

The Alliance was formed in 2021.


The overall aim of HumeLink Alliance Inc. is to achieve a better HumeLink for all communities along the proposed route, taking into account all social, economic and environmental impacts.


Russell Erwin, Bannister NSW

John Mendl, Bannister NSW

Christine Hughes, Bannister NSW

Michael Katz, Gurrundah NSW

Andrea Strong, Biala NSW

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