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Over a hundred people rallied at Grabben Gullen Hall on Sunday, June 26, 2022, to call for the Undergrounding of HumeLink. This is the massive, the 500kV transmission line being built by Transgrid, that will connect Snowy 2.0 to the load centre of Greater Sydney.

Ted Woodley, a Member of the Executive of the National Parks Association of NSW and former CEO of a number of companies, explained the current economic and environmental issues with Snowy 2.0. Cost overruns of billions of dollars and significant environmental damage to Kosciuszko National Park can be expected if Snowy 2.0 is allowed to continue.

When announced in 2017 the Snowy 2.0 project was expected to cost $2 billion and be built in 4 years. Instead, it will cost in excess of $10 billion, including the cost of transmission, and will take 12 years to complete. Also, contrary to claims made, electricity prices will increase substantially, as a consequence of Snowy 2.0 and Hume Link.

The location of Snowy 2.0, a large water battery, a long distance from the cities, where the power is needed, is a problem. It requires a very large and long transmission line, HumeLink in order to function. If Snowy 2.0 is cancelled there is no case for HumeLink in its current form and in the immediate future.

HumeLink Alliance outlined the objectives and strategy they have adopted to combat HumeLink.

Firstly, they will attempt to persuade the new Minister of Energy, Chris Bowen, to cancel Snowy 2.0. on the grounds of extreme cost and environmental damage.

Secondly, they are campaigning to have the line Underground if it must be built. While the cash costs of the underground line are higher the environmental savings more than compensate for any decision to put the line underground.

Thirdly, if the line goes ahead HumeLink Alliance wants the landowners and local councils to have access to the best advice possible to achieve “Just Compensation”

Finally, there was an excellent discussion of the need for great care to be exercised in connection with any construction and maintenance to avoid Biosecurity hazards to our amazing environment.

The HumeLink route impacts the southern gateway to the region and the larger towns of Crookwell and Taralga. It will further industrialise the rural façade of the region.

Almost all new transmission lines are underground throughout Europe and the USA. In fact undergrounding is now mandated in many countries, including much of Asia.

Engineers tell us that there have been major advances in underground cabling technology, it is entirely feasible and the world is looking on in disbelief as Australia builds more overhead transmission lines.

Governments overseas have come to the conclusion that when you take into account all the environmental costs of overhead lines, undergrounding the line is the best option. It’s time our governments came to the same conclusion.

220626 _HumeLink Alliance Presentation-Public Meeting
Download PDF • 350KB

Presentation by Ted Woodley, Member of the Executive of the National Parks Association of NSW

HumeLink Alliance Presentation by Ted Woodley 26 June 2022
Download PPTX • 39.66MB

Presentation by Scott Sharman, Property Valuer and Farm Business Advisor

Premier Advisory Preso - Transgrid
Download PDF • 309KB

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